Building The Future

Meet the new AY-550 and AY-800, unique boats designed to enhance comfort and versatility combined with effortless operation. They will be built using aluminum 5083, this type of aluminum is known for exceptional performance and is highly resistant to seawater and other extreme environments. The aluminum will be cut using water and we will make sure that the boats will be recyclable as much as possible.


The AY-550 meets all the demands required by the city council of Amsterdam is not only environmentally friendly but is also ready for the rental market in Amsterdam.


The AY-800 is, of course, environmentally friendly but it will also be seaworthy and will be setting a standard for the future.


Both boats have a wide variety of electrical engines and battery packs you can choose from depending upon your needs. Whether you want speed, longer range or more, they can be personalized completely to your wishes with lots of options.


The flush deck and weather proof cushions provide impressive hose-and-go readiness. The one-handle control and bow thruster (option) make them easy to maneuver and their polyurethane fender bars provide them with great protection without the hassle of normal fenders.


Built to perfection by Hendricks Yachting, they are therefore not only suitable as a luxury tenders or day boats but are also ideal for boat rental companies worldwide.