Building The Future

To fill a gap in the luxury yachting industry we have designed two unique and extremely luxurious day cruisers of 33 and 50 feet that will be built by a renown Dutch mega yacht builder, as a limited series of maximum 25 hulls each. Not only will this make these yachts unique but also desired by many.


The cruisers solve a problem for super yacht owners that want to take their friends and/or family out on a small day-trip - on a boat, offering the same luxury, built to the same quality standards, appropriate for the status of a super yacht owner. Next is will offer the possibility to have the same luxurious experience in sailing day-trip boats for those who do not want the hassle of owning a large super yacht. The boats can be steered in a conventional way but also by joystick, Smartphone or tablet. Through the IPS engine system the boats can even go sideways for maneuvering. They have an enormous amount of features that make them unique. Some of these are; cooled and heated decks, automatic fendering system, park-assist (like in any modern car), hydraulic swim platform for easy access from both land or sea, high-pressure (automatic) cleaning system, custom built interior and the 33 foot yacht even comes with a automatic cabriolet roof  (again a well known feature in car industry). The prices will range between 1.8 to 2.5 Million Euro, depending on the chosen size, engines and interior. Service and maintenance will be handled by Amsterdam Yachts in combination with the builder.